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Top rated South America Urban centers

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Top rated South America Urban centers


Top rated South America Urban centers


South America is a great continent full of diverse countries and some amazing locations. Extending from your icy snow of Chile to the Caribbean coastline of Cartagena’s, this place is a melting pan of different nationalities.

The very best cities in South America are a banquet for the senses, if you’re aiming to frolic on a tropical beach or look into a abundant history. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best destinations on the continent, out of a city where skyscrapers and mountains practically meet to a person where you can encounter the mighty Esperto Moreno Glacier in the heart and soul of the city.


Paramaribo, Suriname

If you value to travel to spots https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/love in which the Dutch colonised the territory, you’ll like the colonial majesty of this little country’s capital. Which has a mix of Creole, world-wide and local culture, this kind of UNESCO Community Heritage Site can be described as true melting pot.

Santiago, Chile

As the largest and most multicultural capital in Latin America, Santiago is a enjoyable place to visit for all age groups. The skyscrapers of its modern downtown compare with sexy latin teens the towering peaks belonging to the surrounding mountains and offer the backdrop with regards to art stretches from pre-Colombian to contemporary.

Bogota, Colombia

Lately, the Colombian capital has cleaned up its take action and, thanks for the success of Netflix’s Narcos series, it has now probably the most attractive cities in South America with respect to expats. Establish at the feet of the Andes, the city’s awe-inspiring architecture offers impressive vistas across the mountain range as well as buzzing roadway are home to workmanship shops and cultural destinations.